I sign up for so many of these things and never really follow through. Not because I don’t want too, but I am a little self- conscious about sending my thoughts and ideas out there into the cyber universe.

Anyway here goes I am at least going to commit myself to a month of writing and see where is takes me.

I am writing like so many people out there to find myself I guess, to relate too people and simply try to get some understanding as to why things happen the way they do in my life.

Where to begin? Well I am a 35-year-old woman who has a nice job as a teacher, I have great friends and I am a Christian…. I guess the big question on my mind is How do you have a relationship that works?

I need to go back further in my life for you out there to understand where I am coming from ……

I have had my share of relationships some long, some short, some I don’t know what the heck they where I guess passing through, and a very emotionally painful divorce…. could this have been avoided? Was it what God planned? Or does it even have to do with God and it more our own way of learning to co-exist with people?